Footwear Care


To keep your shoes and boots at their best (flexible, stylish, and waterproof), it’s important to keep them clean and free of dirt and mud. Remove the laces and wipe off any dirt or traces of calcium or salt with a soft, damp cloth. You can also use a soft bristle brush and rinse sparingly with water if necessary. Don’t use soap.

Clean the soles to maintain full traction and avoid premature deterioration.

Air-dry your footwear. See drying instructions below.


If your shoes or boots are wet, remove the laces, removable insoles, and liners and air-dry them separately in a dry, well-ventilated area. To avoid warping, never place footwear, removable insoles, or liners too close to heat sources like heaters or stoves.

Leather or Synthetic Chemtech Material

It is not necessary to apply protective or waterproofing products to your footwear because the leather and Chemtech are already waterproof.

IMPORTANT: NEVER USE PRODUCTS CONTAINING SILICONE.They will destroy the protective layer on the leather and may compromise the waterproof seal and sole adhesion.


To keep the rubber parts of your footwear in good condition, store shoes and boots in a dark place that is neither too dry nor too damp. No products need be applied.


EVA shells are heat sensitive. They can warp if footwear is subjected to heat. Shoes and boots with EVA shells are light and comfortable, and should be stored properly to preserve their unique characteristics. Do not dry them in direct sunlight or under a hot light source. Do not dry them in the dryer or in front of a window, radiator, hair dryer, or other artificial heat source.


You can wash liners on the delicate cycle and air-dry them.

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