List and description of the various certifications present in work shoes, safety boots, rain boots, winter work boots and Acton shoe covers.

ASTM F2413

Meets or exceeds one or more clause of the ASTM F2413 (USA)

CE (European Directive)

The European PPE Directive (89/686/EEC) classifies this product as a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and it has been shown to comply with this Directive.

Meets Or Exceeds Csa Z195 Grade 1

Safety features: Green triangle indicates sole puncture protection with a grade 1 protective toe to withstand impacts up to 125 J* (comparable to a 22,7 Kg (50 lbs) weight dropped from 0,6m). Sole puncture protection is designed to withstand a force not less than 1200 N (270 lbs) and resists to cracking after being subjected to 1,5 million flexes.

Meets Or Exceeds Csa Z195 Standard

Safety features: Blue rectangle indicates grade 1 protective toe without sole puncture protection. Grade 1 protective toe withstands impacts up to 125 Joules; comparable to a 22.7 kg (50 lb weight dropped from 0.6 m).

Meets Or Exceeds Csa Z334 Standard

Safety features: Purple square with an hourglass indicates the product provides protection from impacts to the toes of users on temporary basis.

Electric Shock Resistant Outsole (ESR)

Safety features: White rectangle with greek omega letter indicates outsole constructions that provide resistance to electric shock (18 000 volts and a leakage current not exceeding 1mA).

Recommended use: For all working environments where electrical shocks can be a hazard. Warning: Electric shock resistance deteriorates rapidly in a wet environment and with wear.

Meets Or Exceeds Csa Z195 Standard

Safety features: Grey rectangle indicates metatarsal protection to withstand impacts at an energy level of 101.75 J*.

Recommended use:For any industry where there is a risk of injuries due to falling objects.

Meets Or Exceeds Csa Z195 Grade 1

Safety features: Static dissipative footwear resisting to electrostatic charges of 106 - 108 Ohms for a period of 5 seconds.